Welcome to my world

In the beginning there was wholeness and truth and an intention that one day we would have the will to choose. Back then, we wrote a story for ourselves—it was a tale of love and fear, a lesson we would learn—a problem we would solve. We dreamed together that we would grow, we would flourish, we would inevitably evolve. It would hurt though because change it always does. Born of dust and return again to dust we would.

Why did we ask to come here? Did we know in the beginning it would be so hard? Did we see it would be worth the pain to make life that lasts forever? Did we vow to remember that though we’d be split apart, the whole point was that we would come back together?

I see us from a place so far away. I look at us from outer space. Behind the darkness that rules this world, I see the soul emerging; I see a simple, human grace. I remember that I came here to be free because never would I agree to anything less than that.

This is my surrender. This is my sorrow and pain and loneliness. This is my fear turned inside out and upside down. This is my love, my offering, my healing. This is the sound of me coming home.

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