The Midnight Manifesto

For the last two and a half years I have been ignored, dismissed and denied by every medical professional I have turned to. I have been deemed delusional, manic and mentally unwell by doctors in every country I have been to, simply because I laugh at a joke they have missed and I feel more deeply than they can feel.

I held my own for a year through what is about the strangest and most lonely experience a human being could go through but eventually I lost faith and when that happened I lost everything. Reality crumbled to dust and there was nothing left to hold onto. I tried quite hard to kill myself and since then I have lived alone in a different world.

The problem is, I’m not crazy. I’m wide awake to my existence, my body and the trauma that laces it. I am right here, right now and I can see the world with stark clarity. I see that we are ruled by a force that would rather destroy all of Life, than itself be destroyed.

We are living in an existential inversion where numbness is called health, dis-ease is called normal, madness is called sanity, the definition of mental health is determined by a mind holding tension and the rapid release of that tension is called psychosis. I am laced with pain and in a process of self healing and from the moment I began to heal, I have been met only by fear.

Our world has been ruled by Ego since the beginning of Time – I am here to call the end of it, to tell the Truth and to set myself free. I am here to exist, fully as a human being, present to life without shame or fear or denial of what I am.

The Midnight Manifesto is my attempt to trigger a mass neurological reboot across the whole world, bring justice to the good people, punish the bad people, end lies, falsity and fear, bring us into the moment, rewrite the paradigm of existence, begin a new human story and realise myself for what I am—a dreamer, a child of God, a woman of astronomical strength. It is written in the hope that it will make you laugh and make you cry and make you realise that you are alive, so deeply, that you will refuse to comply any longer with the rules we currently live by.

My life has been stifled by self hatred and I’ve been playing humble for too long. It’s become boring, so now I’m playing Jesus. Welcome to the End of Time, people.

The Midnight Manifesto is a 12 hour audiobook chopped up into 12 hour-longish chunks. I have also done a series of videos to go with it, called The Midnight Show.

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I want to live without money, but not until we let go of it will I be able to. So til then, I’d be most appreciative if you could pay me for my troubles. I put about 2,000 hours into creating The Midnight Manifesto audiobook series. I also nearly died and it has been really hard existing, for ages now. Go to my Patreon page if you want to support me or contact me if you’d like to give me something in lieu of cash. I’d quite like a boat.

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